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Flanges + Adaptors + Couplers- Selection and Design

Hansa-Flex adaptors and accessories are designed for reliable connections 

and a made-to-measure fit to your HF hydraulic hoses and assemblies. OEMs utilize high quality hydraulic valves and are instrumental to control pressure, direction, and flow rate of your hydraulic fluids, while HF hydraulic hose adapters seamlessly combine incompatible hoses, system components, or pipe threads.

Flanges offer flexibility for high pressure and connection challenges. Hansa-Flex offers flange types in Split Flange Adapters, Split & Captive Flanges, SAE 4-Bolt Welded Port Flanged, SAE 4-Bolt Threaded Port Flanges, Square 4-Bolt Welded Port Flanges, Square 4-Bolt Threaded Port Flanges

Every hydraulic hose relies on a coupling or quick disconnect to connect it to other hydraulic machinery. Couplers have a plug and a socket. When connected properly, these parts seal and lock the joint effectively to contain internal pressures and resist any tensile forces that tend to pull the joint apart. Couplings can also be referred to as connectors. However, not all hydraulic couplings are created eqaul. What type of coupling you’ll use depends on the connection size, pressure intensity, heat generation, and intended use of your hydraulics. HF offers several types of connectors: threaded interface, O-ring, flush-face, and wet line couplings. 

Materials of construction are another consideration. A wide variety of O-ring and seal materials - elastomers, PTFE, etc. - are available to accommodate most any type of fluid at a wide range of temperatures. Material chosen for the plug and socket also is important. Steel, stainless steel, brass, and aluminum.

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