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Connector + Fittings Selection & Design

Hose fittings form a reliable connection between the hose material and the attached sealing cones of the various conducting components. 

HANSA-FLEX pipe fittings are components for use in hydraulic connection equipment and are standardized in accordance with DIN 2353 and DIN EN ISO 8434-1
Hansa-Flex is a  market leader in the design and manufacturing of connector varietals in DIN Metric, SAE, JIC, NPT, JIS, BSPP and more.

Special fittings – unlimited variety
Cutting ring connections, R & D flare connections for brake pipes, soldered connections and beading, as well as 37° triple-lock and 90° O-lock flares and commercially available forming systems 24° sealing cone for form-fit connections according to ISO 8434-1/DIN 2353 are produced for the pipes according to customers’ needs. The range is supplemented by special fittings for a wide variety of applications. The range extends from multiply bent fittings, through custom shaped adapters with various threads, to complex collectors and pipe manifolds. This helps to avoid towers of screw fittings, and the risk of leakage is minimized.

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